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Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Who are you without 'outside/ external' coloring? Is your identity shaped by others? Have you merged your identity with your spouse or partner? Who are you without them? When did you loose your identity? What age did you loose your identity? Do you even know that part of your identity was diminished/ denied/ over written by outside influence? Have you been projected upon, did you accept any of that projection as truth? Is it true for you? Have you resigned to your race, culture or creed or familial belief system?

Imprint Period: from birth to age 7; you’re a sponge; 20 Billion Synapses are created. Any drama at this time can live in your body. Modelling Period: 7-14; who you are is largely due to who you modeled at around 10 years of age. Did that model reject you or disappoint you, any of that old belief still hovering in your mind? Socialization Period: 14-21; here you take your model out to socialize it, try it on in front of others. What model do you emulate today? Do you have a mentor? Career Period or Business Persona: 21-35; here you model who you relate to in the business arena. What are you without your 'business hat'? Are you different outside the scope of your work? Revelation Period: Persona 45-60; what used to be for decades is changing, parents are transitioning, children are growing and leaving nest, you have been the dutiful child, spouse, parent; now what's left? Do you even recognize yourself? What did you sacrifice, compromise, let go? Time's a wasting Period: Persona 60- Transition; what is left for you? Don't find yourself in those last moments with regrets or disappointments; DO IT NOW!

If you are older, where have you given up or resigned or accepted 'I'm insignificant or less valued because I am elderly"? Do you deny your Earth Angel, Light Being self? Do you say, 'what's the point, what difference am I going to make? Where can you reclaim your Sovereign Self, the real you without all the outside colorations? Time to get real. Reclaim the real YOU.

The timing of the 'Resurrection' is NOW. Reclaim, Reinvent, Re-emerge as Y.O.U. "I AM...." Find your real truth and let the rest drop

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