Cost?  You determine what I receive!    Reiki Sessions are suspended until covid has become harmless.  

WHAT IS REIKI? It is a hands on energy approach to balancing the body's energy field.


WHAT IS AN ENERGY FIELD? It is the energy buffer that surrounds the Earth, and ALL LIVING LIFE FORMS.



It calms, smooths, opens, expands the chakra and meridian energy systems in the body. Each chakra is responsible for feeding energy to specific organs and body processes. If the chakra is closed then the body may not receive enough energy power to keep itself healed/ processed or functioning in good health.

It is exceptional in reducing stress, tension, anxiety and general physical, emotional, mental funk which allows the body to relax and begin to heal itself.

Here are some before and after AURA PHOTOS to show you how the body becomes calm and expanded/ relaxed.

Notice the colors become more clear, more rounded or expanded. Some colors even change, showing less stress.  Red is stress, anchored more in the physical form. Yellow is calmer, brighter energy. White is spiritual, angel energy; Purple is spiritual. Blue is peaceful. Green is healing, over all relaxation.



Focus:  I will ask you any specifics that you wish to target during your session: physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. I will focus the energy on general balance and then target specific areas.

Cleansing: I will stand in front of you and basically wave my hands around to 'feel/ sense' your auric field. Any unwanted or heavy energy found will be removed. Sometimes we absorb energy from others, leaving us with an energy tube which can send and receive negative energy. I may use smudge stick or spray to assist the release.

Chakras Opened: I will use a pendulum to determine whether your chakras are open or closed, mishapened or torn and then using specific stones I will attempt to open chakras which will assist you in feeling lighter.

 Stones & Crystals: I may choose to lay upon you certain crystals that assist in chakra healing.

Aromatherapy: I use doTerra Essential Oils. I may select a 'mood' oil for you to balance your energy. I also diffuse peppermint and sage during the session. All organic, very light, nontoxic or allergens.

Music & Sound: I  play calming music during your session. I also use singing bowls to assist vibrational opening of the chakras.

Vibration/ Tuning Forks: Vibration cause assist chakras to open and balance.

Spiritual Meditation & Angel Connection: At the end of your session, Ren'ee will walk you through a healing meditation and both will ask for spiritual assistance to finish any healing that needs to be completed. At this time, you may feel tingles, touches, flashes of lights or sparkles that indicate the presence of Higher Spiritual Healers.


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