DECEMBER '20:   READING SESSIONS HAVE RETURNED TO ONLINE ONLY ON ZOOM OR FACEBOOK VIDEO or PHONE until covid has become harmless until further notice.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  The readings are just as good online as it all is energy connection which I can manage quite well.  

The Cost:  YOU determine what I receive!  That's right, there is no risk to you, I accept whatever you wish to extend as my financial blessing.  So you determine what value the session gives to you and you offer that to me as a financial  blessing.  I accept what you choose to give with deep gratitude. Most psychic readings for an hour in Dayton cost $75 or more, but I let YOU determine what I am worth to you.

I accept most major credit cards through SQUARE, but I prefer CASH.  

MY HOURS:  Although I am fairly accommodating, I book up fast, so you WILL NOT get in the same day you call and possibly not the same week you call, I am very sought after.   Expect a following week booking. 
Readings are by Appointment Only.   937.278.5937  Texting me is better.  No walk ins.  ONLINE ONLY until further notice. 


What you receive:  1 hr. sessions. 

My readings are transforming; I do not consider them entertainment.  I listen to God's vision for you and I relate the options and potential.  You will receive serious, practical life choices that will benefit and enhance your life's purpose. I will share with you where you need to change to promote more positivity in your life, or where you are 'unhealed' so that you are more aware and can choose to change.   Don't expect vague, fluff, stupid answers such as 'will I win the lottery' or 'will I live a long life' or "how many times will I get married'.  My readings cover weeks to one year of detailed potential choices. 

1.  Reiki healing skan:  I use medical intuition and the power of Reiki energy to sense your physical, emotional, and mental health.  If you have imbalances, I will tell you what I feel.  Sometimes I will offer exercises such as yoga positions to assist you in releasing blockages. 

2.  One traditional deck of Tarot reading, which I interpret.

3.  Four divinity imagery decks which add depth, insight, and a confirmed theme to your story.

4.  You ask all the questions you wish, usually I answer them before you ask. 

5.  I record the session and email it to you after we are finished. 

6.  Guidance about love, money, career, health, choices and life potential are reviewed in your session. 

7.  Mediumship:  I no longer do Mediumship due to health, but I highly recommend Jeanette Kaye,    317-850-6057. <3 

8.  Bachelor of Science in Education:  Yes, I have a Education from University of Dayton, I was a teacher in Business for 14 years before I lost half of my hearing.  I can also do job coaching and prepare you for interviews and offer professional advise in that area as well.  :)

9.  Reverendship:  I am an ordained Minister through the Universal Temple of Truth in Dayton, Ohio.  This legally allows me to spiritually advise you, 'lay upon hands', and give you spiritual services.  I can marry you, baptise you, give you communion and also precide at your interment :(. 


You are 18 years of age or visiting with Parent's permission with Parent.  
100% accuracy is not guaranteed because YOU have FREE WILL!
Renee is a Reverend's and can 'lay on of hands' and advise spiritually, educationally but are considered by law Entertainment ONLY.
No Reading or Reiki treatment is intended to or should ever replace Medical, Psychological, Financial Professional consultation.  We will tell you to go to a Professional if we feel there is an issue.  
Ren'ee accepts no responsibility nor liability for decisions that the client shall make based upon advisement from readings or Reiki.  
Client is to completely indemnify and not hold responsible and render harmless Ren'ee for all actions, karmic consequences for any service performed in this lifetime or any other.  
Any of the services rendered by Ren'ee are considered for Entertainment service and client understands these policies.

TEXT REN'EE  937.278.5937