The Power of the Goddess

Psychic Tarot, Reiki, Reflexology, Spiritual Classes, Massage, Tarot Classe
Psychic Tarot, Reiki, Reflexology, Spiritual Classes, Massage

ZOOM ONLINE Workshop coming JANUARY 20 6:30 PM OHIO TIME
$ per Month.  

ENROLL RSVP BY TEXT 937.278.5937


Yessss, it's happening again. This class has been a popular favorite and Goddess! I love to teach it. I teach in Jungian style for psychological transformation and traditional wisdom.

Major Arcana: first month, 22 cards of the MAJOR ARCANA ONLY. Interpretation, Shadows, Numerology, Conjunctions.

Rider Waite or Herbal Deck ONLY. I prefer Herbal. Plz don't bring those fancy decks to class and ask me to interpret them, I will not have time to adjust for that.

You will be emailed documents for each card, YOU PRINT, and expected to spend time learning the cards. Expect to spend 20-30 minutes daily to review, retain the information.

IF YOU MISS THAT CLASS DATE in person on line, you will have a private code to access You Tube saved vids to watch at your leisure. 

Month One:   The Major Arcana, the first 22 cards of the deck
                  The Celtic spread and positions of each card
Month Two:   The Minor Arcana, the 58 Minors of the deck
Month Three  The conjunctions, Court cards, timing of the entire deck
You will be enrolled in the premier class group on Facebook so you can continue to learn and practice your readings.