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Gift of Discernment….beginning of the AWAKENING.

One of the first ‘abilities’ for the newly Awakening is The Gift of DISCERNMENT.

One of my first experiences came after my best friend stole my life savings; I had been betrayed by many people in my life and I was frustrated because I seemed to attract that kind of person. I prayed to God, ‘why is this happening to me!” My dream gave me the answer, ‘because you don’t practice discernment.” I didn’t know what the word meant so I had to look it up in the dictionary (yup no internet then!). The word means ‘to see the unseen, to know what is not obvious….to know the difference between good and evil’.

I prayed more ‘to see’, ‘to know’ how to tell the smiling snakes from the fuzzy bunny people. I obviously had a broke scanner. Many who carry compassion and great empathy can become victims to the wrongdoers.

The Michael Crystal: I went to Yellow Springs to the Herb Shoppe and Patty had crystals in a locked glass case. Spirit told me, ‘go see, there’s a crystal there with an opal eye, it will guide you as you learn.’ There was this clear crystal with a blue opal stone. I wore it for 10 years faithfully and well, it worked!! Later I discovered it is called a Michael Crystal, who’s purpose is a Guide/ Protector while we integrate our Gifts, a gift from ArchAngel Michael.

Then the Crystal Dragon came in my dream, she was my ‘Ride’ through the cosmos dimension of Discernment. God took me to the dimension of Hell, Mind Control, Evil in the disguise as Beauty, Body response to evil, Deception/ Lies, Control and Manipulation, and Heaven.

Hell wasn’t like I thought it would be, there were no humans. Lines of distorted people, but they had many heads, or arms, or reptilian faces, or just weird contortions of images...but no humans. I asked God, ‘where are the people?” IT’s reply was, “Oh Child, do you think I would send my children here?! No, these are beings who have chosen to be 100% dark; as long as there is a spark of light in the human, they do not come here. This dimension IS A CHOICE!! Where they are groomed to be dark...not punished. And I asked, “And You know about this and allow it?” God, laughed and said, “I know everything and yes it is necessary for this dimension.”!! Oh it also stunk horrifically, sulfar I figure. It had a magnetic pull into my root chakra. Not gonna lie, sex is one of my lower vibratory pulls and I was stimulated as I walked into the Hell Mouth. Then I abruptly stopped and ran back out. God said, “um, I was wondering how far you were gonna go!”.

Mind Control was two twin females who stood in front of me and tried to get into my brain to make me think wrong thoughts. This is when God first taught me to White Light. Their thoughts began to bounce off my mental aura and could not get in.

Evil in disguise as Beauty: oh the, most gorgeous creature I had every seen….but behind him was a tail and scales along his spine. My tummy began to quiver and I became nauseous. God said, ‘there, remember that quiver, it’s a warning’.

Body Response to Evil: through these dimensions, my body began to respond in different ways in various areas. My spine stiffened, my breath caught, my tummy quivered and stiffened, my hands flew to protect my chakras, I became nauseated or anxious, bad taste in my mouth, or bad smell, ears popped.

Deception/ Lies: Here the sweetest younger female came and begin to ask me for assistance. Being empathetic, I immediately responded, ‘of course’. She began to walk backwards telling me her woeful false tale. I could feel the pull in my tummy as she began to drain my power through my OWN compassion. Here I was taught cording, the ability to leech power and energy from our systems for their personal gain.

Heaven. Oh my I did not want to leave. A boy of 5 came and I immediately recognized him as a rainbow baby I had lost. He smiled and skipped to me, “I get to be your guide!” I was thrilled as we hugged. I was only allowed in the garden in front of the Gate to Heaven. I asked if I could see God, but he said ‘no, you would evaporate in Its Presence. Instead the sky filled with Angels and they dropped these orbs filled with God’s love onto me. I began to grab and grasp each one as it melted into me. Bliss, pure Euphoria...there are no words. That’s where the dream ended, in bliss and I was in a thrall for days after.

The Signs:

Feeling Different – many people with the gift of discernment feel different, lonely and misunderstood. Those who have the spiritual gift of discernment see the people around them differently and feel they don’t fit in even with family.

Seeing Behind The Masks Of Others – if you have discernment, you see the real intentions of people. You see behind their masks or actions. Also, you see behind their words. Therefore, you recognize the evil or false intentions of malevolent people

Seeing Things That Others Can’t – many people with the spiritual gift of discernment see evil creatures in the night. These can come as Shadow Creatures or in their dreams. Also, some of the people with discernment describe seeing the devil himself. Which is terrifying and mind-blowing experience. When I was 5 The Dark One came to my bedroom window and asked to come in; I absolutely freaked the hell out with hysterics so badly Mom had to slap me into sense. I made her take me outside to see if there were imprints or signs of him. Many have reported the visit of the Dark One when they were young, one of the first signs that you are a Spiritual Warrior and will be significant in the fight against him.

Weird Events/ Experiences happen to you - some unusual events might happen to you. These spiritual events happen to wake you up and to open your eyes to your abilities. These events can manifest as visions, dreams, sensations or actual physical phenomenons. I used to sleep walk constantly, parents had to put locks up high on the doors. One day Mom woke me up outside on my swing at 3 am. I also could see Land Spirits or Elementals. When we lived on the farm, they were my constant companions as well as an Owl at night that sat on my window sill. I began to have prophetic dreams of family that came true. Family tried to exorcise me at 5 after the Devil hallucination. Of course, seeing the Magickal Numbers is part of this.

Prayer Intercessory – these are people who become imprinted as a Prayer Warrior and begin extreme Prayer Vigils for others or pray against the evil forces. We petition the awakening of others who are suffering or in torment. This is quite powerful and can have miraculous transformations. This is why I ask our group to pray or send Light to certain situations.

How do you know if you have Discernment?

1. You recognize a false or manipulative action or person long before others do.

2. You recognized a teaching is from God, Satan or from a human, before others do. And your sense has been confirmed.

3. You know how to distinguish bad from good and faulty from acceptable.

4. You recognize the false teachings around you.

5. You recognize the people who wear masks or pretend to be someone else.

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