Psychic & Spiritual Development

           the Path of Spirit & Earth

     Goddess On Fire

Class Schedule

All begin at 6:30


September 6

Oct. 18

Nov. 1

Dec. 27 End of Year Celebration

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Ren'ee, Facilitator

FRIDAY 6:30  $$ Blessing of your choice. 

Classes cover: 

Release of emotional, mental, environmental negativity

Self and Environmental Protection

Spiritual Awakening, Deities, Totems, spiritual tools

Crystals, rocks, Altars

Feng Shui & Environmental Harmony

Psychic Development & Meditation

Creating Energy vortexes, sacred space, closing portals etc.

Healing and self energy support

Ceremonies, prayers, chants, music, drumming

So so much more. 

Classes will be available on video sometime in the year. 

Ren'ee has explored a multitude of Faiths & cultures.  I am Open Faithed with The One Source as my Sacred Source but I also hold the Earth and all life as Sacred. 

     Ren'ee had the beautiful fortune of journeying with a Lakota Souix Medicine Man named Norbit Running.  It is with his small band of Ohio white folk that she got to participate in sweat lodges and sacred ceremonies.  It is through Native American Spirit that she found her true God...The One. 

     Our rituals can be used by Christians, Paegans and Wiccans, Budhists or anyone; remember it is your INTENTION and the SACRED SOURCE that you call on that makes the ceremony what it is.