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                                                                            Reiki One 

       How to learn to give and receive--Power UP



Most affordable Reiki Clinic in Ohio


Work Shop is taught By REV. RENEE RUBLE, BS Edu. & Reiki Master Teacher with over 33 years experience and Master of over 300+ students in Ohio and 22 Master Reiki Teachers.

Cash & Charge card through Square & Pay Pal, Financial arrangements are accepted

Classes are limited now to 10 New Students and 10 Review


All Classes on Sunday R1: 11:00-6:00 pm

RSVP YOUR EMAIL REVIEW IS FREE, you can come back any time to revisit the class


11-3pm $111 Personal Reiki, all about you, your system and your healing


4-5 pm + $33/ $144 Environmental Reiki, how to program your home with intentions and protection


5-6 pm + $55/ $188 Table work, how to give to others.


The full course is $188

You can stay for Part 1 and leave

Pay $33 and come back for Environmental and you have a full Personal Healing Program for Self and Home

Pay $55 and Learn all the nuances, sensations, and ritual of giving Reiki to others Professionally.


Come BE a LIGHT WORKER, BLESSING BRINGER, ENERGY BENDER, TIME MOVER. Join me and other Earth Angels in serving The Light in bringing Peace, Love & Healing to All Life and the Planet.





  • Learn to take responsibility for your own healing


  • Learn to use energy healing in conjunction with traditional Methodology


  • Learn how energy lives is utilized in your body


  • Learn how to protect yourself through harnessing white light


  • Learn how to bless and energize everything you use in your life


  • Learn how to bless, energize, and protect your home


  • Learn how to energetically clean and clear space, home, vehicle, office


  • Learn how to program sacred objects & altars


  • Stones, Rocks, Crystals and Jewelry for enhancing and Protecting


  • Learn how to give healing energy to others and pets


  • Learn how to feel, sense ‘other’ energy


  • Learn how to use a pendulum to sense chakra balance and test organs and Environment


  • Learn how to use sage and other purification items


  • Learn how to sense, clear and expand chakra balancing


  • Learn how to smooth and regulate your own auric field and other’s energy field


  • Become more empowered and knowledgeable about the energy system


  • The 5 Precepts of Reiki


  • Gossho, Testing for Reiki, Skanning


  • Setting Disintegration Vortex


  • How to Remove Unwanted Energy


  • Calling in ‘Helpers’ and Connection with the Healing Energies


  • The Three Third Eyes, Dantien, Soul Star, & Earth Star


  • The Hara Line, Meridians, Chakra System


  • The Hand Positions and Corresponding Chakras & Organs


  • Reiki Pearls for blessing home & Nature.


  • Reiki Columns to create Protection and Shielding and Intentions,


  • Reiki Vortexes to create spaces of holding energy.


  • How to live the Energy Lifestyle


  • How to do a Body Blessing


  • How to Meditate with Bioenergetic Healing


  • The Transpersonal Transformation of Being a Light Carrier


  • How to use Reiki, Energy and Healing Vocabulary to be well spoken


  • Receive Book

  • + Pendulum

  • + Sage

  • + Reiki Spray

  • + Videos

  • + Audio Reading of the Book

  • + Private FB page for updating, developing your Reiki Power


  • Discernment

  • Psychic Attacks and Attachments, Thought forms, Evil Eye, Curses, Astral Projection, Jinn,

  • Dark Energy, Shadows, Night Hag

  • Energy cords, attachments, curse unwinding

  • Positive Prayer for Protection & Banishment

  • Jewelry, Amulets, Talismans

  • Stones & Crystals

  • Essential Oils

  • Home & Environment Consecration for Protection

  • Guardians

  • Moving In & Moving Out

  • Grids, Boundaries, Circles in Altars and also around Home

  • Portals

  • Mirrors, Reflectors, Sound, Lighting

  • Orbs, Light Anomalies

  • Ionizing

  • Home ‘Homa’ Blessing of your home and community









                                                                      Reiki Two 

                                                     The Long Distance Sending Reiki

$222 6 HOUR  workshop   R1 prerequisite  

****if you have been attuned by someone else, you may attend my classes for 50% off, $100 to

receive my instruction and materials; if I re-attune you, then it is the full price of $200.  You must have

a R2 certificate from your Master Teacher. 

1. One abbreviated* Reiki treatment to student

2. Attunement to Reiki 2

3. Reiki Symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and Sei He Ki, Kriya and explanation of how to use them. Long

     distance healing, mental emotional healing, core seed healing, manifesting potential.

4. One abbreviated chair *Reiki treatment given to teacher with explanation of energy Experience.

5. Explanation of the purification methods and process.

6. One follow up phone call or visit after the Attunement.

7. Review of hand positions and review of R1

8. How to do distant healing, sending, to individuals and to situations, the world, environment.

*****student is expected to do one distant healing every day to someone, some situation or some place for five minutes every day for 21 days

9. How to prepare for the emotional, mental and spiritual healing process.

10. Reiki 2 Attunement certificate.

11. Reiki Handbook for Attunement 2

12. How to use Reiki to Manifest & Law of Attraction Huge Course.


    Reiki Master Teacher  Reiki 3 

$300     1 MONTH CLASS   4 CLASSES   50% of class is on line study  2 Sundays in person

Twice a year:  2021

1.  Extensive review of R1 & R2, must know how to do symbols

2.  Attunement to R3

3.  Extensive teaching of how to attune all 3 Attunement rituals

4.  How to use stones & crystals in therapy

5.  How to set up a practice

6.  Ethics and business policies for Reiki Practitioners

7.  How to do energy healing with chakras, meridians

8.  How to spin the Soul Star & call in the Angels

9.  How to teach, student will be required to teach other students subject of choice in two sessions

10. Receive symbol DKMO, Raku

11.  Color therapy

12.  Essential Oils

13.  Emotional Release Theta Therapy

14.  Sound Therapy

15.  Extensive study in the Energy Body:  chakras, meridians, meditation

16.  The scientific understanding of how Reiki and other energy systems work

17.  Connection to Reiki Sources for continued education

18. In depth understanding of the 5 Reiki Principles

19.  How to explain Reiki to those who do not understand and or Religious people

20.  Continued use with Pendulum for healing sessions. 

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