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Updated: Mar 12, 2022



  1. Holding hands palms up can assist with feeling the Light coming down

  2. You can also choose to ‘Cross’ yourself for additional Spiritual Fortification; photos of me having orbs surrounding me had crosses in the middle when they were zoomed. It can assist.

  3. You may call on your Divine Source such as God, Angels or simply Higher Protection Energies. Energy work needs an intention.

  4. You may also choose to surround your home, your yard, family members, neighborhood, country, etc. with the Light.

  5. Bringing Light down into the Earth’s Core anchors and grounds the Light through your energy system.

  6. At least do once a day or more if you are feeling threatened or having to enter a populated area such as a Mall. It is particularly important for Medical Professionals to use the White Light protection due to the exposure they have to mental illness, sickness or the dying. Energy attachment is usually done subconsciously and those people in need do stream energy hooks out of their system to gain more energy for life support.


  1. Clear your mind, sit or stand with palms up.

  2. Call in your Divine Source, I use Archangel Michael and ask that you be given Perfect Protection. Envision your Source blasting down 3 beams of Light which become thicker and denser with each blast. The beam covers you from head down into the core of the Earth. Down into the crown, face and back of head, throat and neck, chest and shoulder blades, torso and back, pelvic & hips, thighs, calves, feet and down into the core of the Earth. You will be standing in a shower of pure white Light. Your palms may feel warm or tingling as you sense the shower.

  3. At this time you can cross yourself.

  4. Spin the white energy from Left to Right around you like a cocoon or an egg. Now you are encased in a swirling vortex of white protection. You can barely see your image at this point.

  5. Now push the Light out 50 feet. You may also encase family members, your house, your yard, your car, etc.

  6. Cover your swirling White Light Vortex with Gold Light now as it makes your energy bubble impregnable. It’s like putting your index finger into a blown up balloon…you can see your finger on the inside, but the finger does not pop the balloon.

  7. From your feet, power up Purple Flames all around you to burn away negative energy coming to you.

  8. Give gratitude now for your Protection.

In the Light I am protected

In the Light I am connected

In the Light I am One

In the Light I am Loved

In the Light I am centered

In the Light I am grateful.

I give thanks now for perfect protection, so let it be and so It Is.

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