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The Week 'In Between'

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

I love this week between Christmas and the New Year. For me, it is a time of pondering, reflecting, releasing, repurposing my focus. It is also a time of serious cleaning and smudging.

It is a time to honor, in a sacred way, everything that we have been focusing on during the year. What a blur of a year!!

It is an opportunity to reflect upon what we've done to find our truth and meaning in our lives. Our goals may have changed since January of 2021, have we taken more responsibility in our lives to stand in our Inner Authority and/ or make ourselves happy? If so or not, then we can still progress through the next year to make our changes or re-prioritize our focus.

Did you enrich your relationships this year, or let go of those who no longer serve your highest good? Do you need to talk about feelings and apologize if necessary? Are you able to allow people their own truths and belief systems without judgment? Did you get removed from someone's life? How do you feel about that? Me personally, have found myself estranged from my one family member, I am actually at peace. But then again, I have healed my codependency and have found peace in isolation. And you have become my 'family'.

Did you loose family/ friends to the Heavens? I wish you peace and know 'we are closer than you think'. That was a message from a Mediumship session in 2011. Keep talking to them, love doesn't die.

We can use this time to envision what we want during the next 3 months, it is not necessarily a time of great undertaking as after March 2022 will be much better energy to progress. It is a time of reflecting, healing, restructuring for a better platform of our success and evolution. Many of us are getting the message that 2022 will be a 'special' is time to RISE.

So let go of all that has no significance for you,

Where are you not experiencing peace in your life? Start there.

Re-align your priorities...think body, mental, career, environment/ home, spiritual...make a list of ideas that you have in mind.

Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude.

Love YOU, love family, love others, love Mother Earth and Your Divinity.

This is an exciting time. Know your worth. Know your Purpose.

Have fun with this wild adventure, experiment called Life.

Enjoy this last week of the 'In-between'.

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