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Pre-New Year Purification Ritual

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

For New Years Celebration or Any time you want a Fresh Start

This can be quite an ordeal, so don't wait until 11:55 to do it.

This actually takes more than an hour, so the week before New Years I begin....or when I've had a challenge that has ended or something that I've healed and I want to clean out that old pattern or sorrow or illness, I do the fresh start cleansing. Frankly, I enjoy this work. I do it with reverence and makes me feel good and it's like fresh air breezing through my inner and outer space. It's the intention you place with it...remember energy follows thought——>

Put on some good drum music or new age music that is of a higher vibration. It gives you energy!

1. Empty all trash receptacles including the vacuum cleaner bag and replace with new bags. Old / trash/ clutter needs to be let go of.

2. Clean surfaces....dust, mop, polish, mirrors, counter/table tops, especially altar surfaces. Clean under things too.

3. Dirty dishes washed and put away.

4. Clean appliances, stove, microwave.

5. Change water in any fountains, fresh Reiki blessing on water.

6. Burn old candles until they are gone, and replace with new ones.

7. Clean altars and reorganize or make adjustments...smudge if you've prayed there, to let go of old sorrows, illness, negative releases, etc.

8. Smudge and do 'dead space' activation....activate corners, crystals, energy objects by doing the prayers or activation ritual. If you don't know how to do smudging, see the post in the comments.

9. I suggest to also smudge the car, I do that too as I move my way out into the garage. I also smudge the front porch...*at night* lol and the sidewalks, driveway.

10. Place healing in all spaces with mental intentions as you purge.

11. I do a write and burn of all the negative aspects of the year to assist me in psychologically healing and or forgive/ let go disappointments or drama that happened.

12. Personal ritual:

Sacred body bathing with salts, shave, pedicure, manicure; even new contacts for a new perspective. Do salt bath, candles, music...make it a Loving time for self. Do smudging, and then give yourself a Reiki treatment or attunement; or body prayer blessing. Then dance, exercise for grounding, (body). Read something new. (mind) Meditate/pray for Spirit. Do Burning Bowl ceremony. Release on NY Eve.

Celebrate the Newness of your life, Rebirth, Reset, Repurpose, RISE!

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