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PHOENIX RISES....but first....

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Since I've had some time off and some 'empty space' in my schedule, Spirit has been downloading me continually. Sunday I was given the 'download' for 2022 until Summer Solstice which seems to be another Gateway/ New Directional time period.

Fire is the quality of this 6 month phase, well 8 months as we've been in the flame of temperance since Oct. 2021.

Phoenix is the symbol of this transformative awakening.

Alignment is the goal of the Reset.

We are to continue to dismantle our belief systems from the past heavier, familial, fear, control/ greed/ consume/ materialistic life style. Old life is about job, money, materials, status, ego, comparison, having vs have not. This has perpetuated 'not enough' across the board into every area of our lives. The ego does not want the change. The New Matrix is about BEING not HAVING.

Who are you without your job, your money, your status? Are you real or living in a false belief system? Are you authentic no matter what you are doing or who you are with?

What is your core; can it be influenced or can you be removed from your truth by outside influence? What do you stand for?

We are basically rebirthing ourselves into a different identity from our past. A REDESIGNING of our lives. Dismantling of the old is still in progress and that includes our personal IDENTITY. There will be some serious purging of people, places, things, and belief systems so there will be doubts, fears, anxieties, tears and a bit of nervous energy like a Mother-to-be prior to baby birth. These emotions are not wrong, they belong to the essential self, and will be the gauge in which you decide what to do with the issue.

Many of us feel 'off'/ 'strange'/ like we are outside looking into someone else's reality. This is the 'space between'/ the WOMB/ Sanctuary. We are in between stories, in between 'what is' and 'what we want'.

Look at places in your life where:

~ you are feeling overwhelmed

~ where there is constant discord or conflict

~ where you are feeling stuck or stymied

~ where you are crying more than feeling joy

~ where old patterns are resurfacing or old memories are floating back into consciousness

~ where you are feeling drained

~ where you are not being treated with respect or value

~ where you used to have passion but are feeling more of a dread

~ where old childhood wounds are being revealed for a deeper healing

~ where past lives are being revealed for karmic release or understanding

This is a time of remembering who you are; most of you are here to Serve in a Sacred Capacity, Earth Angels, Healers, Connectors, Way Showers. It is a time of RECONNECTING with GOD and THE EARTH.

It is a time of understanding ENERGY, what it is, how it lives, how it affects you, what you can do with it. We are ALL MAGICIANS. Our focus needs to be in the HEART and with THE LIGHT.

This is an exciting time, a dimensional shift for humanity...Heart Energy Expands and Rises...will you choose to Rise?

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