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Updated: Mar 12, 2022

2022 is a 6 year!


First, let's examine what this year's Numerology # adds up to...2+0+2+2= 6. The 6 is review, restructure, release, renewal and repurposing every aspect of our lives: physical, emotional, mental, focus, spiritual, work, finances, friends & family, belief systems, priorities and value systems. It is still a learning curve on every level. We've operated most of our lives with certain systems, values or beliefs that we may be finding are no longer serving our greatest good or what was is no longer in alignment with what is and becoming. This is still a good time to abandon what no longer has value for you no matter what or who it is. If you are evolving, you are changing and upping your vibration, they may not be able to Rise with you, find your peace with that.

The 6 itself is drawn down from above and then curves right into itself. This symbolizes the very epitome of what we need to be doing. Aligning ourselves with Spirit, bringing that consciousness down and nurturing ourselves with the Light Wisdom. The 6 holds what is true and real for itself, it gathers to give, family and tribe are strong values. The Lovers Tarot card is a '6', relationships to self, Spirit and others will be a priority. Can we salvage what has been torn apart with the politics, virus facets, belief systems, can we find common ground to heal? After the last 3 years, 2022 holds much promise but it's only after we go inward and upward to regroup, rebalance and realign with what is of our highest value.

During this time, it can feel like something is ending, outside of us or within us so there may be a lower hum of sadness as the ego grieves what is no longer working. The intention of Venus in astrological conflict aspects is to have us take a hard yet compassionate look within ourselves. We are meant to become aware of any areas that are preventing us from connecting in a deeper way. Connecting AUTHENTICALLY, not having to hide or suppress or superficially reveal only parts of yourself that you feel will be accepted. It is important to find your like minded, heart opened, energy vibrational Tribe and it most likely won't be family. Real honesty, growth can emerge now, let out that bright vibe to shine brilliantly.

Due to Saturn, we may feel like we are in recovery, a little scattered, a loss of purpose/ direction or connection to others. This is the 'Space between Stories'/ Spiritual Sanctuary'...welcome the slower pace, create more time for reflection, contemplation, meditation and exploration of your Value System. We will emerge brighter, Lighter and less blurred by the old heavier paradigm.

I'm up for it, are you?

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