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Moody Moon Cycles

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

These MOOOONs, can you feel this Cancer Moon, moody, mushy,, not much.

Moons rule our emotions especially if we are empathic or sensitive. I'm Cancer Moon'd so it's creative for, maybe not so much.

Do you know what moon affects you in a happy way? An energetic way? An emotional way? Pay attention to the moon moods because I'm pretty certain it affects us.

Pisces moon takes me to my knees in healing sobs. Virgo, I'll clean house like crazy.

Exciting coming up though are these LEO MOONs!! With Aquarius banking on either side in Blue Moons. What this means is that the end of July we had a Full Moon in Aquarious...the Visionary, The Dreamer of a better reality. Find and Shine your Purpose. Aug 8, New Moon in LEO---let's roar about the new Vision Aug. 22, Full Moon in Aquarious when Virgo comes in. Let's bring it into reality!! Build on what you know, make it better, bigger, expanded, Purpose filled!

The Heavens are trying to help us honor our visions. Those of you who are practicing the Law of Attraction--MANIFESTING, THIS.IS.THE.TIME. to bring it home!! Start those affirmations. Do burning bowl ceremony, LIGHT IT UP!!

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