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LIONS GATE...the Golden Lion...Find your ROAR!

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

The LION'S GATE approaches 8 - 8 this year and every year! There are holidays and there are Holy Days, the Lion's Gate is one of my favorites. It brings in a positive shift in energy, especially since 2012. The 8-8 is Jesus's number, it is a Holy number signifying Pure Light and Love. Think Aslo in Narnia. Goddess Almighty I fell in love with that Lion.

Here's some things we can expect for this next phase Aug 8 through Thanksgiving:

Review: The Collective Consciousness was so heavy last year and angry, we are slowly coming out of that harsh, heavier dense energy. It was charged with fear and mass hysteria, we were to keep separated from the 'herd mentality'. Fair witness, detached witness, OBSERVING NOT ABSORBING. Whew was that hard!! omg some of us did ok, and some went down the hole. I remained 'in between' mostly aghast at what I was witnessing. But….it is not over until 2024 through 2036. More work to be done here. Watch your reactivity, we can still be triggered into loosing our emotional balance. Remember for change to happen, there must be chaos.

Recovery: We are still in recovery from last year, coming out from a cave into sunlight. The Collective is Lightening up so we may feel lighter, brighter at times. There will be phases of 'Breakthroughs' where we feel calmer and more hopeful. Think 'Slinky'...bouncing back, center, forward….repeat. This 'lighter' energy can affect our eye sensitivity...we were in heavy cave like density...sunlight, bright lights can make us squinty eyed. Third Eye/ Intuition zone too can be affected...but in the opposite way, the more Light, the more expanded our TE chakra becomes. Remember fear, anxiety can block the Third Eye from opening--”I can't believe what I'm seeing' protective stance. Our Earth Eyes are heavier than our Third Eye/ Spiritual Eye. Lay healing hands on your eyes and forehead, envision calm blue light. Most of us lost something or someone the last two years. Loss and celebration does not need to cancel each other out, we can do both.

Remove: Ancestral healing/ history/ government and echos from the past as Capricorn goes down fighting for its control/ structure/ things need to stay the same program. Change the program!! The mind is programmed and is dumber than the Higher Self Consciousness. You need to remove the old story, but right now most of us are stuck between stories. We haven't finished the old story and haven't woken up enough to write the new story. Time to Wake Up! Last year also taught us what we can live without or how to do some things differently. Attachments, what do you think you need. Where can you give yourself freedom?

Remain in heart center as you receive this influx of higher vibrational energy. Where is it coming from? The Collective Consciousness; people are waking up. Earth Angels/ Empaths/ Sensitives are becoming aware at an ahmazing rate. I'm loving it!! Love is constant, conscious, and unconditional.

Rewrite the Story: Does your ego consciousness want what the Higher Self wants? What do you think is missing in your life? What needs to be finished or released for you to bridge into your new story? August sets the stage for what do we really want. Where are you suffering? Where are you stuck in fear or anxiety? Start there. If you don't know exactly what you want, you do know how you want to feel. Start with adjectives describing your new dream. Affirmations: 'Today I give thanks for feeling healthier, more vibrant and motivated'. “Today I give thanks for my True Love Beloved created exactly for me...mind to mind, heart to heart, flesh to flesh, soul to soul.” Planetary sustainability will Rise, more are looking to Earth Protection and better ways of farming and back to the backyard gardens. There are still the nay-sayers, so yes, more denial/ fighting/ breakthroughs. Physical body changes are sinus, crown chakra, eyes, ankles, calves, bones and circulatory system are also being targeted for healing. Energy fluctuation: lighter/ heavier/wonky/ chaos. It can be a bit of a "whip it' energy. Remember those old amusement park rides that would fling you side to side in your little box! Yeah, think that. Eyes become heavy, sensitive to Light and more sensitive in general, tired easier. Our Third Eye/ Intuition is also included in this, so keep yourself energectically clear, meditate often, nature, nature nature.

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