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Do you see Sparkles?

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

(Photo credit: Unsplash, Sigmund <3)

Well, the sparkles kinda look like this but yet, not. They will appear quite suddenly and then just disappear. To me they look like Light sperm, moving quickly around each other, very fast, nonstationary. I've seen this since I was quite young, I thought everyone saw them, but nope, only some people do.

Spirit/ God/ My Source tells me that it is Angelic Energy and also personal energy that is being transformed into a Higher Vibration. Do I have proof of this, no, I do not. I've tried to capture them on my phone camera but they remain quite alusive. I've captured other Light on my cam which I will post on here in the future. The only proof I have is that other people see them too, but as far as my research shows, no one has captured this particular event.

Our body, mind, emotional dimensions include a Spiritual/ ENERGY dimension. Rub your palms together like you are trying to warm up your hands. Now pull them apart. Feel that warmth, pulsing, tingly vibration? That's YOU, your energy, your SOUL, the LIGHT behind your eyes, it's what keeps you ALIVE. If you are dead, you do not have this pulse/ vibration. All LIVING life forms have this pulsing energy. Get used to thinking in ENERGY, allow yourself to hold out your hands and feel your home environment, other people, pets, trees, rocks and all nature. You will become sensitive to the Living Light. It's fun and magical being aware of this unseen dimension.

I see them in the shower quite often, I feel these sparkles are my own energy reflected through the water droplets. Better not be anyone else in there with me! Other times, I will see them in the sunlight or broad daylight just suspended in front of me in the air; they ALWAYS fill me with JOY, never forboding or intimidating. I sometimes, giggle or laugh out loud, it's just an amazing, playful sight. Other times, I've seen them above people's head, in the Crown Chakra area. It makes me smile as I know something wonderful is happening in their Conscious awareness.

For me, there is no special time or trigger as to when I will see these sparkles, they just randomly appear. It is not daily but I'd have to say, several times a month. I cannot will them to appear ....wish I could and I have tried! You can meditate, sit quietly in nature and ask to see the Sparkles. I hope they show for you. They just magically appear for me, sometimes in the oddest of times or situations.

We can see sparkles directly in front of us, from our peripheral vision (side eye), and there's shadow light too! I'll discuss this later. I'm talking about WHITE SILVER BRIGHT LIGHT TWINKLES. Orbs come in different colors, but those are different vibrations from what I'm writing about here.

My point of posting this is if you see sparkles, you are kind of special and have an ability to sense Light energy. It may mean you are an Empath, or an Earth Angel or have certain healing or sensing abilities.

If you see sparkles, you belong to a Higher Vibrational Consciousness, here for a Divine Purpose. Ask your Source, 'what do I need to know' when you see this Light. 'Show me my True Path'. These sparkles can be your own living energy or they can be a Higher Vibrational Being's like an Angel or a Spiritual Guide.

If you see sparkles, smile, as you are witness to a magical life force and a Divine Presence of Love.

Wishing you Sparkles....Peace and Light, Ren'ee xoxo

PS. My Dear Friend, Melissa Leeth has written a book, "Does your child see sparkles". Here's her link, I know you will enjoy it.

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