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2022 January Predictions

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Sunday evening is ritual, reading and self care. Spirit continues to channel the particulars of this 2022 year. It will be a new foundation of what is to come...and who decides that, we do? In my Manifestation class I stressed that it is of extreme priority that we pray as a Collective, send out as much Love, Light and healing into humanity and all life, the Earth as we can. Not to float mindlessly through your day but make your Energy Presence count for something, even if it is just a kind smile.

2022-2024 Humanity makes a clear revelation about how to live our lives better, more connected to others, all life and the care of our Earth. This will be the focus over the next 10 years. 20132-2036 will be extremely critical in the Rise or Fall of America and or Humanity. But...this is critical, don't focus on the fear, focus on the love and what you want the New Foundation to look like. Do you remember the Harmonic Covergence and the prediction of the quaking of the San Andreas Fault Line in the 80's? Scientists were quite focused on the doom and gloom of a major Earthquake that would rock America from California to the East Coast. What did the Light Workers lead Americans to do, gather as a Collective to energetically stop and shield this 'horrific reality' from happening and send out prayers, songs, intention instead. Michael Jackson wrote the song, 'We are the World...” Here in Ohio we joined energetic forces with “Hands Across America' in Middletown, standing in a continuous hand holding line from the West Coast to the East Coast. I was part of that, and let me tell you, what a FORCE OF LIGHT and PRAYER was felt. People actually stood on the Fault line and prayed. Obviously, the quake didn't happen. Did we intervene? It warms my heart to think that as a Collective we had that kind of Power. This is what I want you to be mindful of now.

January through March still sees the focus from last October of purging, purification of our health, minds, body's and spirit. It is Sanctuary for most, time out in what ever way that looks for you. The Collective is healing individually and Collectively, politically and many human oriented programs will come to the forefront to be restructured. There's a big surge in healing the Inner Child. Wu Wei on You Tube is one of may favorite education pod casts for this area.

What we need to keep a soft eye on is 'restructured for the good or more control'. This is happening in the education system in Indiana right now. Some are going strong in pursuit of their dream, but it's still a time of reflection and contemplation of 'why' and your intentions. Relax a bit, cozy up in the cold weather, slow it down.

Mercury Rx and Venus Rx assists in the slow down as we need to be more mindful of conversations, technologies, driving, stupid accidents and relationships. Those relationships which are already rocky will be focused on how to heal or deal with endings. Once again these astrological stations push us to clear out old negative thinking, self sabotaging behaviors and relationships of all kinds that are no longer serving our highest good. If you are Manifesting, focus on the “let go's' majorly. “Today I let go…..”

Around Valentines day those planetary energies go Direct and it will be less stressful. In February we can target our new goals in a big way. Manifesting will be easier as the flow is opened.

2020 began the amazing creativity blast of gardening and plants, herbs, healing and water systems. This will move into the forefront of 2022, no longer a 'whim' as people will begin to make this a priority in their lifestyles. Return to Earth Ways, living simply, leaving a smaller footprint, more Mother Earth reverence as more and more people intuitively awaken to the perils for our planet.

We will also be dealing with other countries and international relationships. Russia still holds its position as our major destructive threat. Nato meetings are happening right now over Ukraine. What's so important about Ukraine, it is the buffer between other Nato and European countries who will be 'too close for comfort' if Ukraine falls to Russia. We need to keep awareness, and send out prayers and upsurge of Light to create and protect what's left of our Democracy of the World.

Fire will continue to be present in this year. As the symbol of purification we may see more incidents or 'burning'. The Raising of the Light is paramount now as more Earth Angels are awakening to their awareness and feeling the urge to 'understand'. ArchAngel Michael's Call/ Cull is unmistakable now as He pours His Energy to the planet.

RAISING your energy from the lower 3 'survival' chakras upward to the 'Lightness of Being' chakras of Love, Truth and Oneness. The 'so called' Ascension isn't leaving our body to Ascend to some 'New Earth', it's Ascension up through the Chakras. It is an emptying out of false beliefs, infectious love, wasted doingness and wrong choices, anything and everything that holds you down, weights your spirit into the lower vibration.

Your Presence carries POWER. We are to become Beings of Light and carry that Light for others to Follow. As a walking embodiment of Light, we illuminate everyone and everything we come into contact with. It isn't knowledge, it is our energy that is magnetic and attractive. It's how we make people FEEL. Your very Presence can be Transformative.

Keeping your Soul Energy clear and harnassed will make Manifesting much faster for you.

In Gregg Braden's book, 'The Esaiah Effect', he talks about how one person praying fervently can offset the negativity of 10,000 people. In his book, 'Power vs Force', David Hawkins explains how a high calibrating individual can counterbalance from 90,000 to 70 million lower vibrating human beings on the planet.

Your goal as a Light Worker, Way Shower, Energy Bender, Kind Person is to become so weightless of ego, fear and woundedness that nothing and no one can dim your radiance and Ascension into your Light Matrix. Be that ONE in 10,000, hold the space for others….Remember WHO YOU ARE.

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