Amlan is a State of Ohio Licensed Medical Massage Therapist who has been active since 2012 in his evolution of health and wellness.

You may choose the option of CLOTHING ON or Traditional clothing off Massage. 




Reiki Energy Pain Relieving Massage -- Clothed ON

Yes, it is possible for you to receive a deeply relaxing and pain relieving massage.  Amlan created this modality for those people who are shy about being 'nekked' but still need those muscles and tissues to receive healing.  What you will receive:







A  partial REFLEXOLOGY TREATMENT on your hands and feet






REIKI MASTER TEACHER CERTIFIED:  You always receive Reiki healing energy during your massage sessions.




 His trained hands will caress, MASSAGE, stipple and pull the stress out of your tense and stressed body. 







  A stress relieving HEAD MASSAGE which will puddle any anxiety and be replaced with a sense of well being.









Deep tissue massage on your neck, back and shoulder blades & hips.








Glut blockage / SCIATICA release by doing deep tissue massage and release pressure points to allow energy to fully travel down your legs.  It surges energy down into the lower part of your body and you feel pulsing, alive and lower extremities awakened.  Excellent for those who sit on the job, l

lead a sedentary lifestyle or have PAD. 






PRESSURE POINT MERIDIAN RELEASE to allow energy to flow easier and more openly through your body. We have little  vertical freeways of light energy in our body. Meridian release helps the tissue let go of blockages and pain while allowing the pathway to flow freely again with energy, blood, and circulation. 






MYOFASCIAL RELEASE:  This tissue layer, which connects every muscle, tendon, ligament, bone, and organ in our bodies,

 can store memories of physical trauma.  Releasing these restrictions allows us to discharge recurring emotional as well as physical pain.




YOGA STRETCHES:  During the massage Amlan may use soft Yoga stretches to lengthen and open tight muscles.  He may also recommend yoga postures for you to use at home to keep your muscles flexible and open.





HOT PILLOW PACKS:  these warmly heated packs will help to soften tight hardened tissue so that it releases easier with less pain. 








BODY VIBRATOR:  Amlan may use the Jenie Pro Body Massager to finish off your session. 






Organic Essential Oil/ Aromatherapy will be added to your carrier Grapeseed oil for gentle stipulation on exposed tissue &  muscles



You are 18 years of age or visiting with Parent's permission with Parent.  
100% accuracy is not guaranteed because YOU have FREE WILL!
Renee and Amlan are Reverend's and can 'lay on of hands' and advise spiritually, educationally but are considered by law Entertainment ONLY.
No Reading or Reiki treatment is intended to or should ever replace Medical, Psychological, Financial Professional consultation.  We will tell you to go to a Professional if we feel there is an issue.  
Ren'ee & Amlan accept no responsibility nor liability for decisions that the client shall make based upon advisement from readings or Reiki.  
Client is to completely indemnify and not hold responsible and render harmless Ren'ee & Amlan for all actions, karmic consequences for any service performed in this lifetime or any other.  
Any of the services rendered by Ren'ee & Amlan are considered for Entertainment service and client understands these policies.