JOSHUA HAYWARD



Joshua Hayward, of Breath of Life School, has lived in Yellow Springs, Ohio for 11 years after making his home in the Colorado Rockies for over 30 years.


Joshua has been a Spiritual Guide for over 35 years, and he has had a very magical career as an Astrologer and Tarot Reader with well over 10,000 sessions to his credit in service. He has taught the Stars and the Cards in many different settings over the years.


Throughout his highly unusual life Joshua has published a book of poems, has been a radio interview host for several years on Public Radio, has been a blues and folk musician, a Masters Swimmer, and a Peace Activist.


Currently Offering:




Presently, Joshua is offering combined Astrology and Tarot Readings. He offers guidance and perspective for your daily life, and he turns you inward to deepen your “Soul Relationship.” 


1st Session with Joshua: 1 1/2 hours with Natal Astrology, Transit Astrology, plus a full Tarot Spread.  




Joshua is accepting students in a mentorship capacity.  He uses meditation techniques with his students, and well as more formalized teachings.  Joshua encourages ongoing mentorship/intern relationships with students.


And just a note here that these students get to benefit from personal time with someone who has “been there and seen it all” as an esoteric teacher for decades!  If you are interested in an active career in this field, then Joshua will help thrust you into the heart of it!


Life-Centered Tarot


Tarot is a language that deepens and centers our life experience.


Deck: Crowley’s Thoth Deck


All Cards in the deck will be covered, and experiential training is also offered, i.e. spreads, etc.


Life-Centered Astrology


The Language of the Stars comes alive in Joshua’s teachings.  Basic Astrology, the houses, signs, and planets are taught in his introductory classes.  Students will get a working knowledge of what Astrology is all about and the beginnings of how to apply this learning into their everyday lives!


Transit Astrology


Intermediate students will learn how to interpret “transits” to the natal horoscope (chart).  Students how to discern and interpret how the Stars are currently affecting a person’s life.  This is so important for spiritual growth!  And here is the beginning of how an Astrologer can help friends and clients understand what is going on in their lives, and why from a soul level.

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